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Waterfront Birdhouse

Waterfront Birdhouse


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Published on December 19, 2011 at 6:55 pm  Comments (11)  

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  1. Do you still have the stone bird baths?

  2. do you sell these? how much are they? I love them!! B

  3. I love your bird houses & I’m interested in ordering. I am related to Erin (Her Mom is my cousin & we probably met at Erin & Jay’s wedding.) I would like to submit an idea & receive a quote. Please advise how best to do this in a personal discussion. You’re talent is very cool!

  4. Hi Chris! I love your birdhouses! I make miniature dwellings down at my ‘fairie hillock’. Mostly they are made of natural materials, often logs and stone. Sofar, I’ve only tried one piece, a tiny outdoor chimney and fireplace, involving stone masonry! (and at least they are stones I can lift!) It took me forever to find the best way to hold it together and survive the weather…I think what worked the best was some sort of ‘mortar in a tube’? Does your company sell something that would work better? I’ve used a little Quikrete (sp?) mixed to make it look like mortar on the outside. Thanks! Ann
    P.S. some of my outdoor things are posted on my wordpress site: , though I don’t think I’ve posted my chimney yet.

    • Hi Ann, thank you and sorry for the late reply, been away from the Internet for a bit, but yes we do sell a product that would work better. It is call U-patch and it come in a little container of about 8 lbs for about 16.00, it works wonders. It had a set time of about 10 mins.
      You create some very cool work as well!

  5. Dear Sir
    Beautiful work… I make Unique wood birdhouses for craft shows.

    • Thank You!

  6. Do you sell these at Camosse’s on rt. 20?

    • I usually have them at the store in Worcester, currently I am preparing for a show in October at the Public House the 18th and 19th, so my inventory at the shop is a bit low. Give me a call, and I can arrange to have some available to see, Chris @ 508.755.6193

  7. Beautiful. Carisa has told me all about them! Any chance of getting some idea how much they run? Thanks for ur time

    • Hi Christine! Thanks for coming to look! I usually have houses starting at 90.00. I would say the average is about 135.00

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